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Lets talk about Running!

Welcome to lets talk about running...a Blog post

Hello and welcome to my Blog. My name is Brian Sider and I own Run City which is a gym/training facility in Buffalo NY. I am an RRCA run coach as well as a Level 1 USATF Certified coach. But that is not the point of this Blog.

I wanted to create a blog that talks about running. Because really what else is there to talk about. Trying to create a community of like minded people that can't stop talking about running, like me.

Over the next 1,000,000 blog posts I will be talking guessed it, running!! I will share some of my stories as well as try to engage with my audience to get your stories and share them on this platform. I consider this our Blog not just my Blog.

Some topics I would like to touch on are: training, training plans, gear, some nutrition stuff and the mental side of running. This is something I have personally been working on for a few years now. I feel like from there it will just branch off into a million different conversations.

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